Strengthening Our Public Schools

Florida is failing our children as we funnel more money into for-profit charter schools and a failed system of teaching to the test. Our state ranks 40th in pre-K to 12 education and 43rd in high school graduation rate. This damages our communities and our economy. I attended public schools and put myself through college while working full-time and being a mom. Without the education I received I would not own my business and be able to teach others. I know the value of strong public schools and I want to make sure every child has the same opportunity to learn and thrive.

Quality education leads to better jobs and thriving families and communities, and will help build the kind of economy we need. Effective public schools attract strong businesses and good jobs that allow someone to support their family, save for the future and retire with dignity. Jacksonville can and should be the kind of place businesses are attracted to because it has excellent public schools. I’ll make sure that it is and I’ll work hard to improve our schools to create an environment that encourages lifelong learning rather than focusing only on test scores. I’ll advocate to invest in our classrooms and support our teachers with a substantial pay raise, so that each and every child in Florida can attend excellent public schools.

Flexible and Affordable Health Care

As a mental health professional, parent, and breast cancer survivor I know how important affordable and accessible health care is for all of us.  I know what it means to fight with an insurance company, to be denied coverage while at the same time needing life-saving cancer treatment. No family should have to face bankruptcy because of a health care crisis; one illness away from losing everything. I will fight every day to make health care coverage more affordable, flexible and accessible to every Florida family, no matter what you make, whether you have a pre-existing condition or your age or sex. And working with our veterans here in Jacksonville, I’ve also learned about the particular health care needs of military families. As a woman and a mother, I am 100% committed to women’s health and empowering women to make their own heath care decisions.

I’m 100% committed to finding practical solutions to our addiction issues and will make sure that our first responders get the support they need. I will actively work towards healthcare that meets the needs of all Jacksonville families.

Growing Good Jobs in Jacksonville

I know that when our businesses thrive we can create more jobs in our community. And as a local small business owner, I understand that Jacksonville families deserve an economy that works for everyone – not just the politically connected. I’ll partner with our business and community leaders to grow good jobs that can support a family. I’ll work to attract businesses to our area by supporting our schools and increase access to world-class health care that is affordable.

Ensuring Public Safety

I’m proud to have been endorsed by Jacksonville’s police and firefighters, and I understand how important it is to keep our neighborhoods healthy and safe. As a mental health professional, I’ve spent many years treating victims of trauma and know the critical impact first responders make when they arrive on scene. The opioid epidemic that our neighborhoods continue to battle is also a major issue. I’ll make mental health treatment and awareness a priority for public safety and will work with community leaders and our police to provide long-term solutions to crime and other safety problems facing our citizens.

Stopping Gun Violence

I’m a gun owner but we need to stop gun violence. I’m in favor of closing background check and gun show loopholes, and banning military-grade weapons. More guns in schools aren’t the answer and under-trained, under-paid security guards won’t help. We need state legislators who aren’t bought and paid for by the NRA and will advocate for common-sense gun reform.

Protecting Florida from Climate Change

The St. John’s River and our surrounding waterways are critical to our quality of life here in Jacksonville and the back bone of our economy. Politicians have neglected the river and our environment for far too long. Three hurricanes hit Jacksonville hard in recent years. We need to bring back reality to Tallahassee and do all we can to protect our environment and prevent further natural disasters from destroying our communities. I’ve been endorsed by the Sierra Club and will do as much as I can to protect our precious environment.

Caring for Our Veterans

I am the daughter of a veteran, the product of a military family and I care passionately about our veterans and our military families. I was born on a military base, Fort Hood, Texas while my father was in Germany. I know the challenges military families face, particularly through my work with our post-9/11 veterans. We owe our veterans so much, and frankly they have earned so much. Jacksonville is a military town and Florida has the second highest concentration of veterans in the nation after California. We need to do all we can to make sure our veterans receive the care they need and deserve and that their families get the support they need.