About Tracye Polson

Tracye Polson works everyday on behalf of Jacksonville families.

A licensed clinical social worker with more than two decades of experience working with children, parents and families, Tracye is in our community helping people resolve issues they face in their everyday lives. Her work with veterans illustrates her dedication to the men and women who have served our country.  

Unlike politicians in Tallahassee who have failed to deliver workable solutions, Tracye, a local small business owner, understands that Jacksonville families deserve an economy that works for everyone - not just the politically connected. A recognized expert in her field, Tracye put herself through college, earning her doctoral degree. She has taught and guided young people at several universities including the University of North Florida here in Jacksonville.   Tracye knows firsthand the enormously high stakes of healthcare for families. 

A breast cancer survivor, she and her family have lived through the fear and uncertainty of what battling cancer means including accessing and paying for treatment.  


Strengthening Our Public Schools

Our children deserve safe schools that encourage a life-long love of learning and curiosity, not just teaching to the tests. Tracye, who attended public schools, knows we must invest in our children so that they have the chance to thrive. Excellent schools will attract new industry and businesses to Jacksonville.

Healthcare That's Affordable and Flexible

Tracye’s experience as a mental health professional, parent and breast cancer survivor assure her ability to effectively advocate for healthcare that meets the needs of Jacksonville families.

Growing Good Jobs in Jacksonville

Tracye knows that employment opportunities are provided by thriving businesses. She will join with the business community and hardworking people of Jacksonville to grow jobs that can support a family.